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  • What happens after I give someone my book? Do I get it back?
    You have control over this! You can specify whether you want to sell or give away the book to another reader, in which case you would not get the book back by design. You can also specify if you would like to lend another reader your book. You can specify this as well on our app. Here is the thing you should know though - if the other user does not return the book, Laaddu is not responsible. It’s no different than lending a friend or colleague a book; we would ask that you work out the issues.
  • Can I read books for free? What does “affordable” truly mean?
    Several books on the app will indeed be free! Some will be priced by the owner, almost always at a below market price as the books are pre-owned.
  • Will we know the book’s condition?
    Right now, no - there is not a way to specify the book’s condition.
  • How do I pay for a book?
    In the future, we will have a built-in platform to help readers execute transactions. Right now, you can use cash or an alternative online platform (e.g. Venmo, Paypal, etc) to execute transactions with another user.
  • Is the app not working on your device?
    We are sorry! There may be a bug and we will post known bugs here. Try the App Store to see if you have the most recent version of the app. The most recent version is v98.
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