We believe that we can be the best version of ourselves by feeding our minds with the knowledge found in books.

And that is why we are on a mission to help you, our readers, read the right book at the right time.


         Our Mission

Our Values


Humility & Hope

  • We believe in something greater than ourselves.

  • We deeply care on improving the well-being of people and our planet.

  • We keep things simple; we aspire to listen.


Hunger & Haste

  • We are working really hard through thoughtful design, superior algorithms and a continuous hunger to help our readers read what makes them come alive.

  • We are doers and focus on a bias to rapid action.

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Honesty & Humor

  • We honor directness and going for the truth.

  • We are quick to admit our mistakes on move on to the next right thing to to do.

  • We take our work seriously - but not ourselves!

Our Founding Story!

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I founded Laaddu because I could not read a book as and when I wanted to.


My online shopping cart totaled nearly $500 with books (which of course wasn't financially sustainable) and I would be on waitlists for months in public libraries for books I desperately wanted to read. And at the same time, my own bookshelf sat stuffed full of books that I had read and were now gathering dust. The basic mismatch between supply and demand bugged me.

I founded Laaddu to help democratize access to books and perhaps make a small contribution towards sustainability (320 million books end up in a landfill every year in US alone!).


Cheers for taking a step to feed your mind! 


Biva Chapagain Kishore

Founder & CEO, Laaddu